Money Back Guarantee

Depending on the issue, Speedy Paper takes care of its customers and provides them with a money-back policy, which can guarantee you a full or partial refund.

To get 100% back

There are several issues that will grant you 100% money back. And one of them is a mistaken double payment. In this case, you can request a full refund. The next issue that will give you a full chargeback is “no writer assigned to your order.” And the final issue is applied when the writer misses the set deadline.

To get 90% back

If we could not find a writer who would fit your writing assignment and half of the deadline has passed, you can count on a 90% chargeback.

To get 70% back

It is possible to claim a 70% chargeback at the SpeedyPaper writing service. This rule is applied to situations when you have an assigned writer who has made some progress with your assignment.

To get 50% back

Under certain circumstances, you have a right to a 50% refund. To these circumstances belong:

an inability to find an expert for a revision;

an assigned writer/expert spent working on your assignment over half of the deadline.


If you are unsatisfied with the quality of the work done, you can contact the support team and discuss the current issue. Thus, you need to prepare and send the details of your dissatisfaction. There is no single rule because each case is considered separately.

Remember that you will not get any cent if you click on the “Approve” button and get a printed version of the assignment. This process is like your confirmation of the quality of the work. The approval time is 7 (seven) days.