Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee suggests full or partial refund which is applied to 2 stages: before approving of the paper and after approving of the completed writing.

Users who live on the territory of EU will not get repaid VAT as it is not refundable.

100% charge back

You are eligible of full refund if you paid the price twice.

No writer is assigned to your assignment.

The writer missed the deadline.

You have a right for 90% refund

We could not provide you with a writer to complete the paper and half of deadline has passed.

You are empowered to 70% money back

The writer has been assigned to your paper and started working on it. He or she must be compensated.

You are liable for 50% refund if:

We cannot provide an expert for a revision.

The expert was assigned to your order and more than half of deadline passed.

The approval time is 7 days. It is calculated automatically.

You are eligible to ask for a revision or ask to assign another expert if you are not satisfied with the paper. You should describe the details of your dissatisfaction.  In this case contact our Support Representative and your order will have a dispute status.

Every case is considered separately. You should supply detailed information or download additional information or files on your paper.

The dispute period is a fortnight. Unless you provide strong arguments and required data the dispute will be canceled.

If you approved the fulfilled paper and get a printable version, you are not empowered to any money back. It is your confirmation of paper satisfaction.

You have only 7 days to revise your paper.

Before pressing the “Approve” button check the assignment’s quality.

The company does not guarantee any grade for your writing and we are not responsible for poor grades.

Having asked for a full refund, you do not have a right to use the paper as it is the property of the company. It will be detected with plagiarism software. The company can publish the paper as a sample on the company’s website or use it for commercial purposes to protect the writer’s work.